What is life coaching?

A coach's role is to provide clients with questions, observations, feedback, encouragement and support as well as accountability to assist their clients in meeting their goals.

A life coach is a collaborative partner and sometimes acts as a mentor or a guide.

A life coach is not a sounding board for complaining about problems or a professional listener.

Life coaches are solution and action oriented.

We do not treat mental illness or heal trauma from the past.

We facilitate conversations to help clients find their clarity, maintain focus and achieve the results they want in their lives.

We help their clients change their thinking. To develop confidence and increased motivation to make life changes if they wish.

We work to brainstorm desired goals and outcomes, and create actionable plans for achievement. We then provide accountability and encouragement to help clients stay on track towards those goals. We may also share strategies, insights coaching tools or even training to help clients overcome or achieve their new goals.

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