Permssion Slip Cards

A permission slip is typically a document used in educational settings to gain consent from a parent or guardian for a child to engage in a specific activity.

However, Permission Slips can also be used as a life coaching tool to create a metaphorical or symbolic reminder to the brain. This can help individuals grant themselves permission to engage in certain behaviors, thoughts, or self-care activities which they may otherwise struggle with.

At Heartfelt Doodling we combine creativity with life coaching to help enhance its effectiveness, so we have turned Permission Slips into Permission Cards. Creating these cards is super fun activity for all the family.

Examples of Heartfelf Permission Cards

Heartfelt Permission cards can be used in many ways.

They are great to keep on your desk or in an art journal as a reference. They can also be created digitally to use as screen savers or place in documents


Free printables are available for download here if you'd like to make your own cards.

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