About Loretta

Master Certified Coach and Therapeutic Arts Instructor

Over the past 7 years I've helped hundreds of people from around the world to improve their lives and businesses through coaching.

In 2016, after having worked in businesses for over 30 years, I hired a coach to help me with the sale of my eCommerce business to an American Hedge Fund. After completion of the sale, my coach encouraged me to start coaching/mentoring other eCommerce business owners. Initially I enjoyed this, but soon felt frustrated when I saw how often people blocked their own goals and wanted to understand why.

In 2018 I discovered life coaching and the power of coaching tools. These tools show you what's really going in your brain and how this influences the results in your life. In 2019 I became certified with the Life Coach School and have very much enjoyed coaching with clients from all over the world on a wide range of issues.

My life took another pivot in 2020 during Covid. I had planned that year to go to Kings London to do a Masters in Neuroscience but during lockdown, online art classes became my favourite activity. I discovered how creativity could be very calming and also a lot of fun. I had no art training but embarked on lots of adult education and online courses to develop my skills.

The final twist in my story came in 2021 when I discovered Artwork Journaling and Doodle Therapy which I have combined into my Doodle Coaching Tools. I now use these within my coaching practice, teach them online and Volunteer with a local Art Therapy Charity

I live in the lovely New Forest on the South Coast of England with my family and three cats. Although I am British, I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world, having lived in Holland, New Zealand, Spain and Guernsey.

Let me help you feel better through exploring your issue

Bachelor of Science, First Class Hons, Complementary Therapy, University of Westminster

Professional Life Coach Certification: The Life Coach School

Heartwork Journaling Instructor: Heartwork Journaling University

Coach Practioner : Noble Manhattan Coaching


Therapeutic Art Life Coach: Transformation Coaching Academy

Master Life Coach Certification: Transformation Coaching Academy

Foundation Diploma Art & Design: West Dean College of Arts (finishing July 2024)

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I love getting your feedback and reading your comments. Contact me if you have any questions I will get back to you shortly. Remember that you can also follow me on Instagram or write to my email: info@heartfeltdoodling.com